4 Easy Tips! Before you Buy Foldable Mosquito Net Online in India

4 Easy Tips! Before you Buy Foldable Mosquito Net Online in India

Mosquitoes and bug problems are common in Indian households and in almost every country. We all deal with it in different ways in our homes. Today we will talk about one of this successful methods, which has been going on for a long time.


It is believed that mosquito nets have been used around the world for several decades or even centuries. We all must have used mosquito nets at one time. In general, mosquito nets are prevalent in the shape of Beds. But over time, its texture has also changed according to the need.

Online or offline, Folding Mosquito Nets have dominated the market these days. People choose a folding mosquito net of single or double bed size according to their need.

Let's know more about Folding Mosquito Net, its advantages, and its features!

Compact Size

The most important purpose of buying a folding net is that no support is needed to tie it.

The folding net available in the market is found inside a special bag, from which when you take out the net, it comes in its shape. After use, folding the mosquito net back and sealing the bag that came with it completes the process.

Zipper Closer

Zippers are the specialty of foldable mosquito nets. In this type of mosquito net, you are given the option of zipping. Which you use to get entry or exit.

This makes a large extent and offers more comfort than the earlier hanging nets.

Available in 2 Size and Varients

Single & Double Bed Mosquito Net

Standard Sizes (LxBxH)

Single Bed: 6.5' X 3.5' X 2.5' Feet

Double Size: 6.5' X 6.5' X 5.75’ Feet

Note: The Foldable Mosquito Net comes with Base and without Base.

A mosquito net with a base is considered more useful for outdoor use but the need without a base has increased a lot for indoors.

Breathable & Protective

The use of mosquito nets has been considered the best way to protect against mosquitoes, which is a natural way without using any kind of chemical.

Traditional fabric is used to make the Foldable Mosquito Net. So you will get good breathability in it.
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