kerosene pressure stove

Advantages and disadvantages of kerosene stove. How to use the stove in detail

What is a kerosene pressure stove?

The pressurized stove is safer, more convenient, and more efficient. A kerosene pressure stove consists of a fuel tank, a steam burner, and a potholder. Air and kerosene are premixed through a hand pump. The vaporized kerosene is passed under pressure through a nozzle and mixes with air to form a flame.

To start the process the burner has to be preheated using flame which burns for several minutes in a tray placed below it. The pressure forces the kerosene continuously through the burner nozzle and is controlled by an adjustment valve. To control the intensity of the flame, thus producing heat, the user can control the tank pressure by over-pumping the tank to increase the pressure and enlarge the flame.

Twisting a small "Air Screw" (Usually located in the filler cap) will release the pressure from the tank and make the flame smaller. This is how a kerosene pressure stove works.

Kerosene Pressure Stove types

Kerosene Pressure Stove is made with two types of metals. Iron and Brass.

Kerosene Pressure Stove comes in 2 designs. The most popular one is the stove in which the tank and the burner are attached on opposite sides.

Either the tank is provided on the side of the burner or else the tank is attached below the burner.

It is Available in multiple tank capacities. Mostly kerosene pressure stoves with 1 liter, 2 liters, and 3-liter tank capacities are used in the home.

Uses of Kerosene Pressure Stove

Being portable and light in weight, it can be carried anywhere. Therefore it can also be used for Outdoor Cooking.

It is mostly used in rural areas for daily cooking.

Cost-Effective in states where Kerosene oil is available at a low price.

Benefits of Kerosene Pressure Stove

The kerosene Pressure Stove generates more heat than the Kerosene Wick Stove, so food is prepared faster on it.

The body of the Kerosene Pressure stove does not heat up as quickly as of Kerosene Wick Stoves, so it is much safe for long hour use.

A kerosene pressure stove is cleaner in burning; it does not emit smoke in the atmosphere like a wick stove.

There is no need to buy replacement parts like in wick stoves.

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