Traditional Himachali Caps and Kullu Topi - Trending in India

Traditional Himachali Caps and Kullu Topi - Trending in India

The Himachali cap is a traditional cap that is popularly worn in the Indian Himalayas. Other parts of India call it a "Kinnaur cap" or a "Kullu topi."

Traditional Himachali Cap

The most common way to wear the Himachali cap is by folding one side forward, thus creating the shape of an ‘M’. This style can be recognized as the traditional style for people from Himachal Pradesh. The other way to wear a pahadi topi includes folding it sideways and tying it under your chin, also known as ‘pagri style’.


Himachali Cap

Traditional Topi

People wear Himachali caps on a daily basis as they considered them the traditional caps, especially on festivals, puja, and other occasions. Men in practically all sloping regions wear a kurta night robe and covers, and ladies wear a churidar nightgown or salwar with kameez and dupatta (dhatu). Himachali covers the portrayal of social personality. Individuals in Himachal consider the cap as a pride, like a turban for Sikhs in Punjab.

Kullu Pahari Topi

Kullu Pahari topi is a very special type of topi that is used by the people living in the Kullu Valley.

This type of topi is also called Kullu pahadi topi. The people who wear it are mainly farmers and shepherds. This topi can be worn by both men and women.


Himachali Topi

Kinnauri Cap

Kinnauri cap is a headgear worn by the locals of the Kinnauri region in Uttarakhand.

It is recognized as a sign of identity and withstood the test of time as it has been worn for centuries. It was first made from sheep skin and animal horns were used for decoration. It is believed that this hat can ward off evil spirits and protect from the cold weather that prevails in the area.

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