Kerosene Pressure Stove

Know Difference Between a Kerosene Pressure Stove and a Wick Stove?

Features of Kerosene Pressure Stove:-

 Kerosene Pressure Stove

  1. Kerosene stoves are especially considered better for home use and are also known as pressure kerosene stoves.

  1. Burners are being used in kerosene pressure stoves, which helps to distribute the equal flame

  1. Flame can be adjusted with the pressure pump, and to slow down its flame you just need to release the pressure. 

  1. In terms of safety, a pressure stove is a great option. Brass Burners are being used in pressure stoves which provides durability to this product.

  1. It can be used continuously for a long time.


Features of Kerosene Wick Stove:-

Kerosene Wick Stove

  1. Kerosene wick stove can be easily moved like any other kerosene stove. And it is available in different sizes and types.

  1. It comes in many Models. 8 Wicks and 10 Wicks Kerosene Stove are the most popular among them.

  1. Usually a 10-wick stove is better for those places where Electricity/Cooking Gas is not available.

  1. Its weight is around 1 kg and which is lighter than any Gas Stove and Cylinder.

  1. Kerosene Wick Stove is also available in 8 Wick and smaller sizes which can be more easily handled on long journeys. Mostly used by people who often go for tours or tracks.

  1. Kerosene Wick Stove is available in various tank capacities from which you can choose according to your requirement.



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