Discover the different types, prices, and features of blankets!

Discover the different types, prices, and features of blankets!

Today we are going to talk about blankets. Now there is only some time left for winter to come and gradually the market is filling up with the essential things.

Blanket! The first name comes in this, which is very important for the winter. You take a blanket that is used according to your need. But do you know how many types of blankets are available in the market? If not, then let's find out.

Blankets are available in only 2 sizes single bed and double bed. Now let us know how many fabric types the blankets are available.

  • Woolen
  • Fleece
  • Micromink
  • Comforter
  • Quilt
  • Electric Blanket
  • Relief Blankets
Best Woolen Blanket at Wholesale Price

Woolen: Woolen blanket has always been the first choice of people, as it is cheap and durable. The blankets are warm enough and can be used even when the weather gets cold.


Best Fleece Blanket at Wholesale Price

Fleece: Fleece blanket is light in weight but warm and soft. Many times people use it when laying on the bed in heavy winters.


Best Mink Blanket at Wholesale Price

Mink Blanket: Mink blankets are quite heavy and are used when the weather gets freezing. Due to being a soft fabric, its demand is increasing day by day among the people.


AC Comforter

Comforter: This type of blanket can be used for about 12 months. These blankets are light in weight and made of breathable material, you can wear them normally.



Quilt: Razai is used in severe winter. When a blanket does not work, then the quilt is effective in keeping people away from the cold. The heavy weight of a quilt makes it uncomfortable but it is a great way to protect yourself from the cold.


Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket: This type of blanket or equipment is heated by electricity. It’s quite useful in cold regions. This is used for laying below the bed sheet. So that it keeps the warmth under the bed while sleeping.


Hospital Blanket

Relief Blankets: Relief blankets are made of woolen and cotton wool fabrics used for social welfare. Government and non-government organizations donate blankets to people. These blankets would also be of great use in hospitals.

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