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Importance and type of ceiling fan

In the 17th century, people used hand-operated fans. The fan was operated by pulling the cord. Cloth and palm tree leaves were used to make it. In the 18th century, the first ceiling fan was invented which ran on steam energy. Then sometime after the first electric ceiling fan was invented using the motor of the sewing machine. By adding more features to this ceiling fan, we have reached where we are today. 

How Ceiling Fan Gain Importance

At that time no one knew that this ceiling fan would revolutionize the world. Ceiling fans are one of the leading products today to get cool air. Today, as the population is increasing, the space for people to live is getting smaller. Natural open-air breeze is becoming difficult to find in congested houses. Therefore, the need for ceiling fans has increased even more. Due to changes in the atmosphere, the temperature of Earth is increasing, and this has Foced the need for ceiling fans.

Advantages of Ceiling Fan

In today's time, when the demand for air conditioners is in full swing, the demand for ceiling fans is still the first choice of people because it is a cheap product and energy consumption is also less. Does not even affect the environment in comparison to air conditioners. Nowadays, when all the countries are giving a lot of emphasis on energy saving, then ceiling fan is the best product which saves electricity bills of your household, offices etc.

Uses of Ceiling Fan

Not many people know that ceiling fans come with reversible motors that allow the fan's blades to rotate in the opposite direction. Due to this, it gives a feeling of warmth in winter because the hot air flows from the bottom to the top and it pushes it back to the bottom and thus the energy of our heating system is increased and electricity is saved.

Factors to be kept in mind while selecting a Ceiling fan

Ideally, the blades of your fan should be located at least 18 inches away from the wall when it is installed. There will be a need for a small ceiling fan in a small room, and a large ceiling fan in a large room. Before choosing a blade size, it's important to calculate the square footage of the room. Placing the ceiling fan too low also creates difficulties and reduces the efficiency of the fan. Experts recommend a certain distance from the ceiling and walls to the fan. The fan blades should be above the floor by 7 to 9 feet and below the ceiling by 10 to 12 inches to obtain proper airflow.

Types of Ceiling Fans

As the lifestyle and living standard of people is increasing, the trend of people is touching new heights for their interiors. The choice of a ceiling fan is also done by keeping various factors in mind.

Colour and size are important criteria to choose a ceiling fan. You can select the ceiling fan according to your interior and room size. There are many types of ceiling fans available in the market made of different colours and materials. The finish of a ceiling fan, too, is something that can make or break the overall look of the interior decor.

No. Off blades also greatly affect the functionality of the fan. The number of blades in a fan directly affects not only the aesthetics but also the wind speed and the area that a fan can cover.

The demand for remote ceiling fans has increased many times because today people want to live a comfortable and easy life. You can switch off the fan and increase its speed from the remote while sitting. speed of the fan is also an important factor. High-speed fans have taken place of old slow-speed fans with multiple options for choosing the speed of the fan

With the advent of new technologies, fans with even less energy consumption have been introduced. The best ceiling fans in India are made differently to accommodate high-level performance and a better future. Sustainability is at the core of these fans, which are built for longer durations of performance at their peaks.

There are no. of brands who are selling ceiling fans with different features and prices. Fans are available in every local market but now people are preferring to buy ceiling fan online because of the ease and comfort it provides to the customer. You can buy ceiling fans from www.eOURmart.com at the lowest price online

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