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Kerosene Blow Lamp, Types, Features, All you need to know!

What is a kerosene blow lamp?

A kerosene blowlamp is used to heat other metals; it is also called a Blow Torch.  The Kerosene Blow lamp operates with Kerosene oil. It works like a kerosene pressure stove. Pressure is created with the help of a hand pump after filling kerosene oil in its tank. After several pumps, the particles of kerosene oil get changed into vapors and come out from the nozzle.  When a burning match stick is shown on the nozzle of the blowlamp, vapors of kerosene oil pick up the fire and by pumping the blowlamp strong flame gets produced. This strong flame is used to heat, melt and join other metals. These days’ new technologies of blowlamp are available in the market but kerosene blowlamp has its own identity.

Kerosene Blow Lamp Types

Kerosene Blow Lamp Types

Blow lamps are mostly found in two types of metals those are Iron and Brass. Mostly Half Liter and 1 Liter Blow Lamps stay in Demand. The cost of a Brass Blowlamp is more than that of an Iron Blowlamp. Brass Blow Lamps are more durable than Iron blow lamps. The kerosene blow lamp consists of a highly effective brass nozzle and a powerful pump attached to its tank. These forge features make a Kerosene Blow Torch an effective heating tool for tin soldering and similar heating tasks.

Uses of Kerosene Blow Lamp

Uses of Kerosene Blow Lamp

  • A blow lamp is a handheld tool used by plumbers, chefs, and gardeners.
  • It is a portable device that generates flame for various heat applications such as soldering.
  • Kerosene blow lamps are used for low-temperature industrial applications
  • It is also used for brazing, melting roof tar, or pre-heating large castings before welding.
  • Plumbers use kerosene blow lamps to liquefy the lead to seal the pipe joints.
  • An electrician uses a blowlamp to join electric wires.
  • Painters use blow lamps to remove paint from the walls.

Benefits of Kerosene Blow Lamp

Benefits of Kerosene Blow Lamp

  • Due to the small size of the kerosene blowlamp, it can be carried anywhere.
  • It is easy to use because of is lightweight.
  • Kerosene Blow lamps are better than new butane Blow lamps as they last for years.
  • The price of kerosene oil is also affordable and easily available in the stores.

Where to Buy Kerosene Blow Lamp?

Kerosene blow lamps are not easily available in the local markets. But now because of the trend of online shopping, you can buy blow lamps online. is an online shopping portal from where you can buy kerosene blow lamps at the lowest prices.


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