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What factors should be kept in mind while buying a kerosene stove?

In today's era when stoves made from new technology are in great demand. The kerosene stove is still making its way in some rural areas of India. The demand for kerosene stoves is high in those areas where kerosene oil is being sold at affordable rates. Kerosene stoves have been an integral part of the kitchens of Indian women for decades. As old cooking stoves are fueled by wood that took a lot of effort to get the fire. Also, the fire release black smoke while burning which is quite harmful to our body and the clothes.

However, a kerosene stove is very easy to operate. In our country, Kerosene Oil is easily available at Ration Stores, Grocery Stores, and Marts.

Kerosene Stoves generally come in small sizes, that can be carried around easily. You can also use this kerosene stove for camping, Picnic, and Outdoors.

There are two types of kerosene stoves.

  •         Kerosene Wick Stove

  •         Kerosene Pressure Stove

Kerosene Wick Stove

Kerosene wick stove has 8 or 10 wicks. It is available in different tank sizes 1, 2, or 3 liters. Nowadays, mostly stainless steel-made kerosene wick stoves are in demand. In a kerosene wick stove, 8 or 10 cotton wicks are immersed in kerosene oil and burnt to provide heat to the object placed on top of it.

Kerosene Pressure Stove

Kerosene Pressure Stoves are available in different tank sizes. It is found in two types of metal Iron and Brass. In the tank of the kerosene pressure stove where kerosene oil is stored, pressure is created with the help of a small pump. Due to this pressure, the particles of kerosene oil turn into vapors, and lighting up the stove provides flame and warmth.

The fire from a kerosene pressure stove comes out with pressure so it heats up the object faster than the kerosene wick stove. However, a kerosene pressure stove is more difficult to operate as pressure needs to be created before lighting.

These variations of Kerosene Stove might confuse you about what things you should keep in mind while buying a kerosene stove. To resolve this confusion, we have written below some factors to keep in mind before buying a kerosene stove.

  1. First of all choose whether you want a kerosene wick stove or a kerosene pressure stove because a kerosene wick stove is easy to operate but it runs slow. The item placed on it will take time to cook if we compare it with a kerosene pressure stove.
  2. Now you have to choose what size kerosene stove you want, if you are buying it for use in your kitchen then you should buy a large tank size kerosene stove because your stove will last for a long time, and you will not need to feed kerosene oil again and again. Getting rid of frequent feeding will save your time and energy. And if you need a kerosene stove for camping, then buy a kerosene stove with a small tank size so that it is easy to carry.
  3. You have to decide which metal kerosene stove is perfect for your need. Most kerosene stoves are made of iron, brass, or stainless steel. The price of the stove depends on the metal, size, and capacity. If you want to buy a kerosene stove for daily use for a long period of time then buy a stove of stainless steel or brass.

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