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What is a Kerosene Wick Stove? Know Why a Wick Stove Important in Camping

What is a kerosene wick stove?

A kerosene wick stove works on the same principle as a kerosene Lantern. Wicks draw fuel from the kerosene stove's tank and when ignited, produces flame through the Wick. There are many wicks in a wick stove. These wicks are made from loosely twisted woven cotton. These are placed in the holder in such a way that they can be moved up or down with the help of the control lever. The Wick absorbs the kerosene and vaporizes it and when you light the stove, the wicks actually burn. Raising the wick up expands more of it into the atmosphere, releasing more flame become hotter. Since the Wicks partially burn out, they have to be replaced from time to time, so anyone who owns a Kerosene Wick Stove needs a stock of replacement Wicks.

Kerosene Wick Stove Types

- Kerosene wick stoves are made from a few types of metals. Such as iron, mild steel, and stainless steel.

- Wick Stove is available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre, and 3 Litre different tank sizes.

- Normally the kerosene wick stove used in the home has 8 or 10 wicks.

 Uses of Kerosene Wick Stove

- The kerosene wick stove is mostly used for cooking purposes.

- It is an alternative backup technology for rural users in case of power cuts.

- It is also used for camping.

- It can also be used as a replacement for LPG gas as kerosene oil is cheaper than LPG gas.

 Benefits of Kerosene Wick Stove

- It is very easy to operate.

- It is portable in size.

- It is easy to carry as it is light in weight. Therefore it can also be used for picnics and outdoors.

- The cost of running it is also less because the cost of kerosene oil is low.

- It is cheaper than other stoves

 Where to buy kerosene wick stove

Although kerosene wick stoves can be bought from any ordinary store, if you are thinking of buying a stove online sitting at home, then you can immediately download because there you can get good quality kerosene wick stove at the lowest price.

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