Where to Buy Tamper Proof Courier Bags?

Where to Buy Tamper Proof Courier Bags?

Tamper-proof plastic courier bags are getting used in the following industries or applications:

It is convenient and economical to ship many products in these tamper-proof plastic courier bags. Listed below are the industries and applications where these products are getting used. 

  • Courier & Logistics Companies
  • Online Retail Companies (E-commerce Industry)
  • Confidential and Bank Documents
  • Mailing Invoices, Brochures, Samples, and Costly Articles
  • Examination Papers (Education Industry)
  • Delivering Valuables Products

Lightweight, strong, moisture-resistant, and extra strong, these plastic courier bags are ideal for courier needs. The bags feature an adhesive strip to ensure permanent closure. For the secure transfer of documents and consignments, multiple industries are using customized courier bags. When anyone tries to open the envelope, the envelope tears, showing tampering.

Check These Features And Qualities Before Buying Tamper Proof Plastic Courier Bags

Tamper-proof plastic courier bags have several key features you should know. No one wants their product to spill out or get damaged in any way. Make sure you consider these features when shopping for courier bags. 

  • To withstand extreme weather conditions, the courier bags must be made of LDPE films with a micron or micron size of between 50 and 60 microns.
  • The best courier bags must have self-adhesive that is easy to use, easy to open. At the same time, it cannot be opened and re-pasted to prevent theft during transit.
  • The bags should be water-resistant and moisture-proof
  • Bags should be highly durable, and when they get pulled and squeezed, they shouldn't rupture.
  • To become more durable, courier bags should have strong seams
  • As per your business demands, courier bag manufacturers can provide a broad range of sizes.


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